Pheasant Poult

Pheasant poults

Each year the pheasant poults are reared on fresh ground in traditional 12’ x 12’ brooders with a similar size shelter pen plus an outside run measuring 100’ x 20’. All the brooders are equipped with nipple drinkers and infrared gas heaters. Electronic medicators and flow regulators are used to administer any necessary treatments, such as game bird tonics or sanitizers, as and when required. Pheasant poults are placed in low densities to avoid causing undue stress thus allowing them to develop at the fastest, but safest, possible rate. Marsden’s or Bartholomew’s feed is used as these are of the finest quality available to game farmers.

Pheasant strains available:
Common ring-neck, Bazanty, Blacknecks, Melanistic, Pure Michigan, Michigan Cross, White and Reeves.

Fitted with chunky B bits at 21 days old, hardened off to ensure readiness for your release pens, available from 7 weeks old unless an earlier date has been requested. Wings clipped at no extra cost and all orders delivered with complimentary White and Reeves pheasant poults.

Pheasant poult prices POA:
Day Old Melanistic, Common ringnecks, Black necks, Pure Michigan, Michigan cross
6-7 week old Poults
6-7 week old Poults
Whites and Reeves pheasants
6-7 week old Poults

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